Year 8 Science visit to Manchester University

(from left to right: Harley Berrisford, Keiran Graham and Samantha Moon, all Year 8)

As part of the Academy’s commitment to raising aspirations, many opportunities are extended to pupils, many of which are captured by this blog. A couple of weeks ago, Mr Challinor (Science) took the three pupils above (Harley, Keiran and Samantha) to Manchester University on a Science visit focussed on general health and safety and forensics. It was great to touch base with the pupils last week as they told me about their experience. I asked Harley, Keiran and Samantha to capture what impact the visit had made on the way they think about their futures…

“It made me more confidence about becoming a vet”. (Samantha Moon)

“It’s made me want to go to University”. (Keiran Graham)

“After the trip, I feel I could take on University”. (Harley Berrisford)

Added to that, the pupils’ fascination with the Rusholme ‘curry mile’ could make Manchester their number one choice!

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