House Awards 2012: Britten Domination Continues

Having achieved a clean sweep of all House awards in 2011, Britten House, led by Mr Clarke and Miss Mattox, repeated the feat this year, leaving the Houses of Sullivan, Elgar and Purcell wandering what they must do to break Britten’s two-year dominance of House Competitions. Congratulations to all students in all Houses who participated in the 30 House events staged this year but, of course, special congratulations to Britten for their continued success!

This year’s final standings:

1. Britten

2. Purcell

3. Elgar

4. Sullivan

Mr Clarke, Head of Britten

Mrs Bedson, Head of Purcell

Mr Freeman, Head of Elgar

Mrs Eastwood, Assistant Head of Sullivan

Mr Christian, Head of the House System

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11 thoughts on “House Awards 2012: Britten Domination Continues

  1. Fantastic result for Britten and well done to the other three houses,unfortunately their efforts just weren’t good enough…….!!!! :-)

  2. The ‘treble’ for two years consecutive years! Brilliant! Looking forward to making it three in a row! Go Britten!

  3. Britten set the standers and raise the bar higher and higher every week :)) me and my brother have and will always be true britteners and so are all the teachers in britten so well done britten and i know we can keep it up!!!!!

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