Aspirations Workshop

Thursday 16th July saw the first series of workshops focussed solely on raising aspirations amongst our students.

Jack Dean, a member of the Alumni network being set up to recognise and facilitate the input of ex-students into the Academy, was brought in to help with the facilitation, and to share his experiences with the students.

The relaxed environment was buoyed by ASDA, who contributed refreshments for the participants to enjoy throughout the day.

After an initial ice breaker we asked the students to write down their dreams for the future, what they wanted to achieve. Watching a video tailored around Mohammed Ali’s speech ‘How great I am’ encouraged them to believe that their dreams are allowed to be extraordinary.  After Jack shared highlights of his journey to date, we watched a clip of Nick Vujicic’s drive to overcome physical and emotional impossibilities; and concluded by encouraging them to start reaching into their aspirations now.

If you have any thoughts or experiences that could be part of future intervention, or if you would like to become part of the Alumni network, please don’t hesitate to contact the Academy.

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