Harry and the RHS: Letter from a parent


“May I congratulate all of the pupils involved in the Royal Horticultural Show and Mrs Batterton for their hard work and success in gaining a distinction for their garden at the Tatton Show. This I understand is the equivalence of a gold award for adult built gardens. How exciting when this is only their second year of entry. 

Many thanks to all of the staff who enabled my son to achieve. He has attained a merit in BTEC science.  It will be my greatest pleasure to send it to the teacher who told him constantly that he was not able to take up any of his option choices, because he would not achieve anything a copy of his results!!!

Thank you for taking a chance and accepting him in your school”.

It is always a pleasure to receive letters off parents, especially when they are warm in their praise for the work the Academy does. The most recent letter above, from the mother of Harry, a Year 11 boy who has just left, congratulates the Academy on its achievements at the Royal Horticultural Show before going on to thank us for the belief we held in her son.

The Academy promotes inclusion not by making excuses but by expecting the very highest standards from all students. Raising the bar for all students doesn’t exclude, it simply allows all students to come together in their pursuit to be the very best they can be. This is a major factor in why Harry achieved. We maintain a garden at the Academy. It’s natural that we would want to show that off at the most prestigious horticultural show. We believe in all our students. That’s why they succeed when others have written them off. It’s all about care, nurture and growth yielding excellent achievements.

Some select cuts from the Academy’s residency at the Royal Horticultural Show:


Please click on link below to read promotional materials distributed to visitors to the RHS:

Worzel Gummidge RHS

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