The new Gallery Exhibition was up and ready in time for Year 7 parents evening tonight, based on year 7′s study on the abstract artist Kandinsky.

Miss Bogue has been running workshops in the Gallery over the past three Tuesday mornings with the help of our Art department volunteer Miss McKeith. The workshop was aimed at Year 7 students who have demonstrated a keen interest and aptitude for art over the last term and were designed as a reward and to develop the skills developed in lessons collaboratively to produce large collage interpretations of the themes covered in lessons.

The work produced in the sessions feature in the Gallery exhibition.

Well done to everyone involved!

Iona Hadaway
Megan Thomson
Leah Scott
Kadee Farrell
Kyle Worrell
Gerrard Quine
Luke Wilcock
Erin Long
Keanna Curzon
Lauren Green
Courtney Curzon
Owen Berry
Jay Howard
Brad Bird

Dear Mrs Wilkinson…


I wanted to write to you to say thanks for the wonderful Dance show last night. I may not appear on the outside to enjoy that kind of thing but I’m a secret dance fan! Several Tutor groups over the years with many a dancer and a 5 and a 7 year old at home who now both go to Street Dance class!

The students were an absolute credit to you and the quality of the show was excellent – the music was fabulous and the crowd were well and truly pleased. The Year 7 boys were brilliant!

One of the many fantastic aspects of the night was the regard that the students have for you. They wanted to do well, partly because of the way that you have taught them but also because they wanted to do well for you. This is one of those intangible aspects you hope teachers will have. You have this in spades – demonstrated as well by an expert turn as the Cheshire Cat!! You spoke wonderfully at the end – clearly from the heart. I know the amount of work that you put into this was inordinate and I have the utmost regard for your professionalism, drive and abilities.

Thank you again Laura – I have many moments where I am proud to work at the Academy – this was one of them.

Mr Baillie, Assistant Principal

Emily Oakes – Cheshire West’s Junior Sports Achiever of the Year!

IMG_3580Regular followers of the blog will already be aware of the incredible achievements of the Academy’s Emily Oakes. Emily is an inspiring young person and role model who represents Great Britain in Taekwondo, recently winning 3 Golds and a Silver medal in the  European Championships.

IMG_3583Emily also represents the Academy in netball, badminton, cross-country and athletics, as well as coaching children and adults at the Blue Dragon TKD Club. Emily has shown her commitment to competing at the highest level by training at Stoke Gifford TKD in Bristol fortnightly. This has led her to competing in the World Championships in Rome this July.

IMG_3591Tonight, Emily won the Cheshire West Junior Sports Achiever of the Year Award at the Cheshire Sports Awards at the Portal Country Club in Tarporley, a prestigious annual event. Click on the link below to see the moment Emily received her award.

IMG_20140327_224422It was an honour to spend the evening with Emily and her equally inspirational parents, Simon and Angela. If Emily’s achievement wasn’t enough, five minutes after winning her award. Emily’s father found out via text message that he had won an acclaimed Technical Innovation Award at the Grosvenor Hotel, London.


My prize?

An evening with this special family.


Photo Shoot at Peckforton Castle, Cheshire

Mrs Bugg, Director of Performing Arts, reports…

On Monday the 24th March, Mr Cartwright and I took Year 11 GCSE Photography students to Peckforton Castle for a photo-shoot. It was a magnificent sunny day!

This gave the students one last opportunity to complete one last shoot before their first photography exam on Monday 31st March.

All of the images included below were taken by the students.  Mr Cartwright was the driver who took great pleasure in reminding me (a Valleys’ Girl!) that Peckforton Castle was built to keep the Welsh out!

It didn’t work!

Academy raises £2,700 for Sport Relief!

Today, 103 students from across years 7-10 ran the Sport Relief mile to raise funds for this fantastic charity!

Every student who took part completed the mile successfully. Students dressed in onesies, pyjamas and fancy dress to run the mile in a fun and interesting way.

Every student supported each other with many running extra laps to make sure their friends completed the course. In total, students have raised £2,700 in various Sport Relief activities today.

It makes me incredibly honoured to be the Principal of this kind and charitable academy.

A massive thank you to all the students and staff who have helped make this a successful fund raising event. Thank you to Miss O’Donnell, Mrs Ball, Miss Heaven, Mr Rawson, Mr Hunt, Mrs Flanagan, Mr Watkins and all those staff who have sponsored students or purchased something from an event today.




Mr Needham’s Mathematics Pi-Day


Pi-day is a celebration of the mathematical symbol and is celebrated globally on the 3rd March in recognition of the value of Pi commonly rounded to 3.14.

In the mathematics department on Friday 14th March, Mr. Needham set up some carousel activities for two of his classes 9A2 and 8A3 to mark this celebration. The pupils were split into smaller groups and were taking part in the activities ‘Investigate Pi’, ‘Who am I?’, ‘Pi digit recall face-off’, ‘Mono-Pi-ly’ and ‘Decorate a pie with Pi’.

In the activity ‘Investigate Pi’ pupils had to measure lengths of string that fit the various objects that were placed in front of them followed by the diameters of the objects and find the ratio between the two. ‘Who am I?’ involved working out the famous mathematician who shares his birthday with this day. Well done to Callum Morris, Jordan Smith and Rebecca Jenkins for working out the person as Albert Einstein. Pupils were also asked to place events involving Pi in chronological order. Most were able to do this so well done to the History department for teaching them this skill.

‘Pi digit recall face-off’ was a round robin style game where pupils were given 20 seconds to memorise as many digits of Pi as they could then recall these in competition pairs. Our top performers were Ellie Hulse and Katie Foye from year 9 and Sydney Curzon, Georgia Shaw and Gabrielle Hill from year 8.

‘Mono-Pi-ly’ was a very basic version of the famous game board where pupils were moving round a circular board whilst answering circle based questions involving Pi.

Lastly Pi-day wouldn’t be complete without eating pie. Strangely, pupils seemed to enjoy this activity the most where they had to decorate a mini pie with the symbol using squeeze icing. The winning design goes to Georgia Winnington. Well done all!

A huge thank you to Mrs. Flanagan and Mr. Thompson for their support in these sessions and to Mrs Pope for lending the dice at the last minute.


On the evening of Friday 14th March, the Academy was brilliantly represented by 18 of our students when they performed at a musical showcase at Winsford’s Lifestyle Centre. The students’ performance was outstanding and the way they conducted themselves on stage was fantastic. The students received many congratulations on how impeccable they were. The night was a huge success for Winsford and the academy and a fabulous experience for our students. Well done and warm congratulations to: Leah Banks
, Britney Murray
, Emily Wareing
, Emma Winstanley
, Toyah Thelwell
, Steven Eyres
, Chloe Donnelly
, Danielle Warner
, Katie Parker
, Melissa Hunter
, Megan Bell, 
Hannah Woods
, Molly Shaw
, Shannon Bellis, 
Brittany Millington
, Georgia Parkes-Russell
Crailin Wilson and 
Abi Daniells.