Massive Academy Success at E-ACT Games, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham

On Tuesday 15th July, Mr Pendlebury, Miss Hobson and I took 45 students from the Academy to our final E-ACT Games at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. We all knew it would be a good day.

The day started well with our first gold medal coming in race three when Emily Oakes won the year 9 girls 800m race by a margin of 20m. The medals continued throughout the day with several students achieving podium finishes:

  • Emily Oakes – Gold, year 9 girls 800m
  • Rebecca Ward – Gold, year 10 girls shot
  • Charlotte Wynne – Gold, year 7 girls 200m
  • Amy Brough – Silver, year 7 girls shot
  • Gabi Hill – Bronze, year 8 girls discus
  • Owen Cookson – Silver, year 7 boys discus
  • Jodi Cocker – Bronze, year 7 girls 100m
  • Lily McKenna – Bronze, year 7 girls high jump

The most outstanding performance of the day came from Charlotte Wynne, who ran her 200m heat, winning by a margin of approximately 40m to reach the final. During the 200m final, later on in the day, Charlotte was cool, calm and collected and performed to a standard beyond that often seen in her age group. She beat the entire field by a margin of at least 20m stunning the field and the crowd. Charlotte could well be a name to look out for in the future athletics world.

Every student who attended the event should be proud of their achievements. Those who didn’t finish in the top three, with many finishing 4th out of 10 academies, showed fantastic support for their friends with a huge roar being heard every time a medal was awarded and during every race where we had a competitor.

A huge thank you and well done also needs to go to our Trailblazers who helped to run the event. These students were outstanding and led whatever events they were asked to lead. They are true leaders who will go on to lead other events throughout the rest of their time at the Academy.

Once again, the 45 students made myself, Mr Pendlebury and Miss Hobson very proud and these are students who everyone at the Academy should also be proud of.

Report by Miss S O’Donnell (Head of Girls’ PE)

Day 2 of the Academy’s World War I Centenary Commemorations

“Today was an awesome day, working with students I’ve never taught. Miss Hargreaves and I thought our outcomes were even richer because students had been so immersed in all things WWI yesterday.

Here’s some quotes from students:-

‘What I’ve found interesting is the truth about the myths of war. In ICT, I learnt that conditions in the trenches were much worse than I thought.’ (Becky Martin, Y9)

‘I enjoyed the PE session today, because of the focus on physical fitness. Within the first fifteen minutes, I found it hard to believe that soldiers had to endure that level of exercise.’ (Connor Blondin, Y10)

“The past two days have helped me see that if you lived through the war, you had incredible stories to tell.’ (Gabby Hill, Y8).

Gabby emulated calligraphy in her propaganda poster which her mum has been teaching her at home. She said it matched the occasion, which I felt was an incredibly mature thing to say”.

Report by Mrs P Lea (Whole School Literacy Coordinator)

At the end of every day of our commemorations, the sound of the traditional school bell has been dispensed with. In its place, Kayleigh Edment is ends the day with a haunting rendition of The Last Post.

Day 1 of the Academy’s World War I Centenary Commemorations

What a great start to our week long World War I Centenary Commemorations! Our wonderful students worked brilliantly in vertical groupings (a mix of all year groups) showing outstanding levels of empathy, engagement and respect for the content. With only two out of eight workshops delivered there is so much more to look forward this week. The elective workshops on Friday will be a superb opportunity to apply all that has been learned in the first few days and create outstanding outcomes.

The power of this event is captured from a starter task in English today. Students were asked to consider whether or not they would have enlisted in the war. Below is a selection of students’ responses:

  • “Yes I would, because I would want to be brave and make my family proud”.
  • “Yes, because an extra person could do a lot to help”.
  • “I would have joined the war to be able to fight for my country and protect my family”.
  • “No – I would be too scared and if I did, I would probably make it worse”.
  • “Yes, because it’s an honour to fight for your country”.
  • “I would not have volunteered to serve in the war because a lot of people died on the first day and it would be hard to survive. Also, you would have to leave your family and friends who would most likely die”.
  • “I wouldn’t have volunteered because I wouldn’t want to be away from my family for a long period of time”.
  • “I would go to the war to protect and fight for my country”.
  • “No, because if you die, your family would be grieving. No one wants their family to suffer”.
  • “No, because there are still more things to discover in life”.
  • “I would want to go and fight in the war as I would have been thought of as heroic; I would fight with honour and pride in the name of my country”.

Interesting contributions. Sometimes contentious but always reflective.

We look forward to the rest of the week!

Alice in Wonderland Celebration Day

Today, all of Year 7 students were taken away from their normal timetable for an Alice in Wonderland Celebration Day.

All year 7 classes performed a chapter from the novel Alice in Wonderland. The students demonstrated such a variety of entertainment throughout the chapters. Performances ranged from dance, mime, physical theatre, audience participation, song, role play and narration. Every student in year 7 performed to the rest of their year group and I was proud of their bravery and determination. There is so much talent in this year group. Today was a pleasure and I hope many are planning to audition for the next school production – auditions in September!

Thank you to the parents for supporting the event by providing the students with a costume. This is without a doubt the most effort we have seen so far since the event began three years ago. Thanks so much!

Report by Ceri Bugg (Director of Performing Arts)

Year 10 Art and The Day of the Dead

For the past two Mondays, the Art Department has being running sessions for our two year ten classes for lunch, period 5 and period 6.

We have been studying ‘Day of the Dead’ and the afternoon workshops have been based on ‘manipulation’. Our year ten classes have been researching Santa Muerte, the female folk saint, who is a personification of death.

After their initial research, the year ten classes face painted each other in the style of the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ skulls. After a fun filled painting session, the pupils went on to use the schools SLR cameras to capture images of each other in a ‘Day of the Dead’ style. Having never used the SLR’s before and having a quick tutorial with the cameras, the pupils took some beautiful images of each other in, around and outside of the Art department. Their knowledge of composition and lighting from their art classes was clearly transferred over into a Photography lesson.

During their next lessons pupils were taught how to manipulate the images they had taken with the SLR’s, on the Art departments Photoshop laptops. Keeping in mind that this is their first batch of lessons with digital Photoshop manipulation, the images year ten have produced are stunning. We are very impressed with their hard work and the outcomes prove just how effective the workshops were.

Well done to Year 10 Art.

Report by Miss R Bogue (Teacher of Art)

More from The Fringe

The Music department provided 6 hours’ worth of entertainment throughout the day on Saturday 12th July at the On the Fringe Festival in Winsford.

The academy were given their own stage for the entire day. Not only was this a fantastic platform for the students to showcase their talents to the community, it also gave parents the opportunity to see their children in action. This event was very well supported by families, who were all keen to see their children succeed.

For some year 7 students this was their first experience of performing to a live audience and all they rose to the challenge.

Thank you Oliver Bancroft and Peter Farrimond for all of your hard work with the organisation of extra rehearsals with such a large number of students. Over 50 students from the academy. I would like to thank The Hive for inviting the academy to be involved in another very successful community event. This was once again a very positive experience for our academy students and the weather was perfect!

Report by Mrs C Bugg (Directors of Performing Arts)